Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday Sundae

I had an ice cream sundae party for my 36th birthday! Yes, a party theme typically fit for children... maybe I'm in a children-centric mood these days, taking care of my little babe Teddy 24/7! Ahhh I love it though. I lugged Teddy out in the rain, polka dot umbrella and insulated grocery bag in hand. Loaded up on ice creams: coffee, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, coconut, Reese's peanut butter cup! Bought some chocolate fudge sauce and caramel sauce, too. In days of yore I would have made of all of it but with baby strapped to my chest and little sleep, it makes it much harder!

Laid it all out with Pocky sticks, almonds, little cookies, little flags, and people brought more ice cream too!

I've had sundaes for dessert for days now.

-------Pretty, pretty good.

Party pics:

Teddy bugging Henry as he tries to eat his sundae!

Little Henry with his sundae! He thought the make your own sundae bar was the coolest idea possibly ever and asked to have his own ice cream party!

Totally cute. Ice cream rules. 
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