Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Ice Cream!

For RT's birthday, we were going to go snowshoeing... but it rained terribly and there was much to do for his grilled cheese and ice cream party... so instead we spent the day hanging out, shopping at Whole Foods for delicious items such as those sharp, super tangy crunchy mini cornichons-- go pickles! -- and cave aged gruyere cheese (again, strong but sooo good) and then... making our own waffle cones and two types of ice cream for the party! Mint ice cream with dark chocolate, and coconut cream ice cream. Yum...!

On my birthday I bought myself another ice cream machine AND a waffle cone maker with cone roller! I gotta say both machines RULE! The ice cream machine is a little loud, as the entire bowl turns and makes an awful racquet, but if you can stand it for 25 minutes or so it's well worth it.

The little waffle cone maker is a dream come true, makes perfect waffle cones and it's very easy to make the cones.

Waffle cone!

Dark chocolate chopped up to be folded into the mint ice cream!

A spoonful of ice cream... I made "Philadelphia Style" ice cream, without eggs-- Rich hates eggs so I didn't make the custard-style ice cream. This ice cream had a nice consistency, I used all heavy cream instead of part heavy cream and part whole milk for super creaminess. I also added a half teaspoon of cornstarch melted in warm water to give it a bit of hold.

Rich's ingenious little twist at the bottom of the waffle cone - no drips!!

The finished product... beautiful ice cream... I put it directly into this container and froze it for another two hours in the freezer to firm up. Though, before serving, I left out on counter for about 10 minute to soften. Seems backwards but you gotta freeze it to firm it then leave it out to soften for serving!

Ice cream cones, every bit from scratch! Hooray!

And a beautiful sundae for Rich with a sparkler... to celebrate the arrival of his 32nd year! :)
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