Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greatest Korean Alive Ice Cream & Cake

My good pal and cousin from another Asian mother Christa Min had her birthday this past week. So I sneaky-deakily (out of sheer love for the greatest Korean alive) created a super mini surprise party for Christa and all of her tight buds, with a surprise musical performance by the super excellent and undercover Joel R L Phelps.

We had a pizza party for four, which then expanded after a knock at the front door to ten guests... earlier I had made a dark chocolate cake with mocha buttercream, and to match, a lightly coffee-flavoured ice cream!

I think I am getting lazy in my ice cream making! All I did was brew 1 strong cup of dark French roast coffee, dumped in some 10% milk, sprinkled a dash of the ground espresso into it, a quick grind of my sea salt mill and mixed in a can of thick sweetened condensed milk. I whisked this all together, powerchilled it in the freezer for 1 hour and then poured straight into my ice cream maker!

It was a little more ice-milky than ice-creamy, so if you want a full creamy ice cream, I would follow the recipe I posted previously on Vietnamese condensed milk coffee ice cream. But if you want a lighter touch to go alongside a delightful rich cake, go light! Go frozen yogurt even! I want to try a coffee frozen yogurt next.

and Happy Birthday cousin C-Min!! xo
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