Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Ice Cream Advertisements

Raspberry, vanilla and orange-pineapple-- that is a bit bonkers, isn't it! Sounds delightful to me. Especially if it comes with some creepy "take me to your dealer" alien acid trip bunnies that are made from cut-out dyed pink slices of bread.

Simple, effective... baseball... orange... two cool stuck together party pops blasting reverse out of that paper Popsicle bag... my fave flavour when I was a kid was root beer popsicle. Or grape.

Keep those scoops coming, Sealtest! I could really tuck into that layered-with-strawberries parfait. And that blue milk-glass scalloped plate is cute too.

Food styling never looked so good! This could be sold at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, BC at the fake food store. Too bad the fake food is like $200 for a plate of tempura.

The "striated skin flap" style of ice cream layering in this dish of chocolate Meadow Gold ice cream is slightly disturbing. Still, I would spoon into this, like, majorly hard.

{Aren't these the cutest and coolest ads? From Flickr user Christian. These will inspire me to create my next ice creams. }

Ice cream by Coco Cake flavours on deck, stay tuned:

Milky black tea ice cream
Earl grey ice cream
Thai iced tea ice cream
Matcha green tea frozen yogurt
Cereal milk ice cream with Frosted Flakes! (as inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar)

See you soon! xo Lyndsay


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

just came across your blog - I'm a huge fan of ice cream so it has excited me!! I hope to try out some of your recipes, thanks for sharing.

lyndsay said...

hey there charlotte! no problem and thanks for following!! :)

Anonymous said...

in the first sealtest ad... is that ice cream on toast? it's kind of inspiring me for breakfast tomorrow...

How To Be Perfect said...

These are great! I would love some of these framed in my kitchen x

Wiz Essay said...

My love for sweet things never end. These icecreams look mouth watering. I love trying new flavours with different combos.

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